Thanks for shopping our misprint sale!

Limit 1 copy of each print per customer.

We only have a small number of misprinted copies available. You can order more than one misprint, but please do not order more than one copy of the same print. Orders containing more than one copy of a misprint will be refunded.

This sale includes any prints we deem defective.

They may be misprints or have corner dings, ink scratches, rough surfaces, ink splotches, or price sticker residue. The glow in the dark prints may not glow exactly as they do in the photo.

Refunds and exchanges:

Due to the imperfect nature of these prints, we cannot accept returns. In the unlikely case that your print is lost or damaged in the mail, we may not be able to replace it. We only have single copies of some prints. We will offer a replacement of similar value or credit to a future purchase.


We’re happy to answer any concerns before you buy! Please use the contact form on this website, or email us at