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"Last Days of Summer" Screen Print

When we were younger, a bike symbolized freedom. Especially in Michigan, bike time meant summertime, no school, and late nights. By its very nature, riding a bike is something you must do alone and it’s part of finding your independence.

This boy’s feet took him once again to a familiar window. But the days were getting shorter now. I think she was waiting for him this time, leaning a little further out of her window. School would be starting soon.

- 3 color screen print pulled by hand
- Hand mixed light blue, medium blue and dark blue inks
- Banana Split yellow paper made locally at a hydropowered mill
- Measures 18x24" (standard frame size)
- Second edition of 70 prints
- Shipped unframed, rolled in a sturdy tube
- Signed and numbered by the artists
- Designed and printed in the U.S.A.


  • Image of "Last Days of Summer" Screen Print
  • Image of "Last Days of Summer" Screen Print